Taliban: Ghani’s Re-election Against Peace Process

19 Feb 2020

KABUL (MEP) – After Ashraf Ghani was announced as the winner of second term as president of Afghanistan by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday, the Taliban in a statement called the election a “fraud” and said it is not in line with Afghan peace process.

The IEC said Ghani garnered 923,592 votes, or 50.64%, in the election and CEO Abdullah Abdullah received 720,841 votes, or 39.52%.

But the announcement of the final results received serious backlashes.

“Just as announcing Ashraf Ghani a president under the cover of fake elections is unlawful and has no legal basis, it is also in conflict with the contents of the ongoing peace process while keeping in mind the current sensitive circumstances of the Afghan issue,” the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement.

Mujahid also said, “Holding elections and announcing oneself a president under occupation shall never remedy the problems of our Muslim Afghan nation just as it has failed to do so over the past nineteen years.”

According to Taliban statement, as the Islamic Emirate has rejected the fake and staged elections drama under the shadow of occupation in its entirety, it similarly rejects this meaningless appointment and considers it a failed effort at throwing dust in the eyes of the nation.

Like the nineteen years past, our sacred Jihad shall continue until the occupation is brought to an end and all Afghans are afforded an opportunity to live a peaceful and prosperous life in an independent and pure Islamic government, Mujahid stated.


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