Takhar-Badakhshan Highway Blocked

2 Dec 2019

KABUL (MEP) – A large number of fans of Dr. Abdullah`s election team blocked the Badakhshan-Takhar highway by launching a massive protest march in Takhar.

Fans of “Stability and Convergence” election team headed by Abdullah Abdullah today Monday, December 02, launched a massive march in Talqan in response to the electoral fraud.

The marchers chant slogans against the Election Commission and President Ghani and warn their protest will continue until legal demands are confirmed.

Marchers blocking Badakhshan-Takhar highway, called on annulment of 300000 non-biometric votes.

The fans of Abdullah`s election team on Friday also launched march protest in Kabul, calling on annulment of 300000 non-biometric votes.

The IEC also announced after Friday’s rally in Kabul that it would not annul any vote without evaluation.



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