Student from Herat Holds First Position in Kankor Exam

Following the announcement of the nationwide Kankor exam, a student from Herat Province won the title of “first position” making 350.251 scores.

The results of nationwide Kankor exam were announced today (Wednesday, July 10) on the website of Higher Education Ministry, Middle East Press reports.

A total of 206,778 students from all over Afghanistan participated in the public nationwide Kankor exam, which was launched 4 months ago.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education, this year, 77,116 students will be introduced to state universities for higher education and 49,480 others will be introduced to the institutes for semi-higher education in the capital and provinces.

Ahmad Rashid Yousufi held the first position scoring 350.251 numbers and was introduced to Herat Medical University, and Sayed Sajjad Hussain, from Ghazni province, was introduced to Kabul Medical University.

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