German Chancellor seen shaking for third time

11 Jul 2019

KABUL: (MEP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been seen shaking in a meeting with Finland`s prime minister, although Merkel’s office denied concerns about her health.

Mrs Merkel trembled as she stood next to Finnish Prime Minister during an appearance in Berlin last night, Wednesday.

Video footage shows Mrs Merkel trembling, shaking back and forth as she welcomes Finland`s Prime Minister.

During the last month, this is the third time that the German Chancellor is seen shaking during official meeting.

A spokesman for the German government said Mrs. Merkel, 64, holds her official visits based on his previous plans.

Mrs Merkel’s office has also denied concerns about her health.

The first shake of Mrs. Merkel was recorded a month ago in a meeting with the President of Ukraine, and so far no health outcomes have been reported.

German Chancellor


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