Slaughtering simply justified in Afghanistan!

“Murtazawi`s statements are rejected and cannot justify security forces` inability in protecting civilians against slaughtering by Daesh and the other terrorist groups.” experts say

Daesh has emerged in Afghanistan, public concerned sharply gone up but the National Unity Government (NUG) ironically announces Daesh is being suppressed.

“Daesh in eastern provinces of Afghanistan is destroyed.” said state officials
But, just some time after this announcement Daesh appeared in east provinces, and not only did prove the governmental saying wrong but also sealed recklessness and inability stamp on security institution`s performances.

Daesh in almost 2 year presences in Afghanistan has committed lots of bloody crimes from beheading security force soldiers to slaughtering civilians mostly from a particular race and sect.

“Attacks on Jonbesh-e Roshanai (lightening movement), Ghur province, Jawadi-eh mosque in Herat, Azahra mosque, Katr-e-Sakhi, Zanbagh intersection, Bagher-ul-Olum mosque, Miza Olang in Sar-e-Pul province and Imam Zaman (AS) mosque all rae good examples of Daesh savage crimes.”

All these events were just condemned by the government.

Surprisingly, Daesh has even penetrated the capital Kabul, another questionable issue for the security incapability and not being enough powerful: Despite the government`s claim, Daesh is alive and growing!

Afghan government should have taken serious measures to curb such brutal and inhuman events, but didn’t!

What is really worth being paid attention is Murtazawi Shah Hossein reaction to the suicide attack on Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul: In statements in his face book Murtazawi has kept government away from the incident but related the event to what happen in our neighboring countries and Syria.

Murtazawi as the acting spokesperson for the presidential spokesman office has tried to describe government as innocent.

“Being indifferent to those hired soldiers fighting for interests of particular countries has made Afghanistan pay the price of the proxy and undeclared war.” Mortazawi wrote

As he said if this neutrality continues by political leaders, Ulemas council, MPs, open-minded and educated figures, situation will be compounded. Efforts must be made to stop having Afghanistan`s son to be slaughtered in proxy wars.

“It is the right time to break silence towards toward coffins arrive from Syria. Afghanistan`s son instead of losing their lives in proxy wars should be engaged in defending their own homeland, nation and religious places. They need to stand with Afghanistan security forces to set security in their own country, Afghanistan. Proxy wars` compensation is too heavy for Afghanistan to pay.” Murtazawi believed

He, however, confesses that Afghanistan is fighting against a brutal and savage enemies: Those who have no purposes except igniting sectarian wars. Only, people`s awareness can defuses all evil plots of the enemies.

Experts believe Murtazawi presents the government and such saying by a governmental official just justifies Daesh destructive actions in Afghanistan. They say that Murtazawi although may expressed his own ideas but such saying can be accepted as a government stance.

“Murtazawi`s statements are rejected and cannot justify security forces` inability in protecting civilians against slaughtering by Daesh and the other terrorist groups.” experts say

Proxy war, as used by a government official as a tool, is not a good excuse to know security forces innocent. The big job of security forces is to keep Afghan citizens`lives safe. The government should find a basic solution to end slaughtering, not childishly tries to justify bloodshed by enemies.

If this is so, we can find excuses for committing suicides: many Afghan youths kill themselves when given reject answers to their asylum seeking cases!



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