Secretary General Of Islah Party In Opposition To The Saudi Air Strikes In Yemen Resigned

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Abdul Wahab Al-Anesi, the Secretary General of the Islah Party stated that although I disagree with Ansarullah’s actions, but these actions cannot be a justification for foreign military attack on Yemen, reports said.

Accordingly, he also opposed foreign military operations and announced his resignation from all political parties.

Following the resignation of the Secretary General of the Islah Party for Saudi Arabia’s strike to Yemen, the credibility of Al Saud, the Qatar’s Emir and other allies in the invasion of Yemen has been ruined and it was considered a heavy defeat for sinister coalition of Israeli-Arab Sheikhdoms. It was the second failure of Al Saud after Pakistan’s military withdrawal from participation in that coalition and one again proved the Al Saud executive role for America and Israel’s orders in launching Arab-Arab and Muslim-Muslim war in the region to ensure the security of Israel.

Through Saudi air strikes on civilians in Yemen more than 1,000 people killed that 196 of whom are children. Saudi Arabia is used chemical weapons in the attacks.

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