Second Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit to be hold in Russia

In modern rapidly growing global economy industrial manufacturers play the critical role.

They bring wealth to investors, pay taxes to governments and hire almost half a billion people from all over the world. They also face the challenges of rapid technological transformation and global supply chains caused by digital revolution and automatization as well as geopolitical factors. These challenges are not to be overcome separately anymore. They need a global solution which also makes manufactory better to agree with United Nation Sustainable Development Goals for business as well as for corresponding environment.
Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit (GMIS) was founded as industry association tasked with building relationships between manufacturers, governments, non-profit organizations and investors in order to use industrial transformation of the 4th Industrial Revolution and resuscitation of the global economy. As the common initiative of UAE and United Nation Industrial Development Organization GMIS tends to be a platform which gives the opportunity for industrial manufacturers to contribute to global wealth for the greater humankind good.
GMIS is the first in the world cross-industrial and cross-functional platform that provides leaders with opportunity for technological transformation, increase of investments and development of innovations and advanced technologies. Bringing powerful delegates, global and experienced leaders, scientists, and engineers from different industries together Summit is aimed at moving the industry to the central point of economy resuscitation and global policy making and using it as an instrument for global cooperation and interaction.
The first GMIS was hold under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces on March 2017 in the University of Paris. GMIS-2017 leaved the strong impression due to global partnership and innovation bringing together more than 3000 leaders from government, heavy and civil industry in order to promote manufacturing and industrial development worldwide and technological trends spotting.
This time the industrial community is to be gathered in Ekaterinburg, the industrial center of Russia, to take part in the second GMIS on July 2019. The slogan of this Summit is Nature-inspired Technologies as known as biometric design and bionics, the science of nature design implementing for modern innovation solutions. One of the brightest example of bionics is transferring the mechanism of humpback whales’ flippers movements to wind electro turbines design. That inspired the engineers to design wind turbine with serrated edge. This solution increased its efficiency and reduce noise against ones with smooth shoulders.
GMIS-2019 will keep strengthening influence of innovations and technologies from the 4th industrial revolution on global manufacturing by mean of knowledge, advanced practice and standards outreach in all of the world as well as expressing the role of manufacturing in global health and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The Summit business program will bring together the key experts with global expertise for designing the breakthrough strategy for industrial development. The discussions will be held in the form of interactive debates, sessions and workshops which should inspire the next generation of industrial leaders, innovators and pioneers.
The representative from over 130 countries including 10 presidents and many leading managers from industries and technologies are expected in the Summit. Among the number of speakers are H.E. Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei the Minister of Energy (UAE), Lee Yong General Director of UNIDO, Sergio Emido Bini Assessor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia for Productive Activities and Tourism (Italy), Dr. Fadel Digham Executive Director of the Research and Development Department at the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (Egypt), Dong Xian R&D Director of Nat Beijing Naton Technology Group Ltd. Co. (China) and many others.
Denis Manturov the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation suggests: “During several generations the industrial manufacturing has been in the very center of Russian economy. It has been stimulating national economy and unlocking potential of people inspiring for inventions and new ways of thinking, defining the social life and structure and playing the greatest role in national global economic achievements. It is time to adopt the industry to the new requirements and opportunities brought by the 4th industrial revolution. Russia is honored to take in all the world in GMIS-2019 which will manage to find an efficient successful and ecologically smart solutions for global industry.
Russia in its turn will make an effort to contribute to global economic and social wealth. Russia shares the GMIS ideals, creeds, values and looks on the industry as the moving force for social and economic changes that influence on our life and strengthen the society. Being the innovating event with strict goals GMIS welcomes cooperation and becomes the main platform to share the common industrial development plans with all of the world. Holding GMIS-2019 Russia one more time prove its adherence to Summit ideas.”
The Minister of Energy of UAE H.E. Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei highlighted the intentions of the country to focus efforts at achieving goals in sustainable development by the 2030. He also putted attention on increasing role of his country as the world’s capital for the 4th industrial revolution and its motivation for local and global wealth. “In 2019 UAE and Russia will work together on the platform built during Summit-2017 in order to allow industrial adaptation, development and progress as well as to strengthen its position at the cutting edge of global economic wealth. Together we will try to design the plan for future industry development which will reflect the way and the narrative of international trade evolution. Designing process of such a plan includes plural opinions, topics and issues. But the top global goal is that we need industry that prosper itself and brings prosperity; industry to be ready for innovations brought by technological progress; industry that makes positive influence to economy as well as to social life. There is the only way for industry to keep and strengthen its role as an instrument for global sustainable development.


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