Russia’s secret, powerful weapon to attack America

American experts have come to the conclusion that Russia has weapons that are stronger than nuclear ones.

According to the International News of Middle East Press, these experts say Russia has powerful weapons than its nuclear weapons, that US should detect its.

US military expert Byron King wrote in an article to “The Daily Reckoning”, US military and politic officials are concerned with Russian nuclear power and its military abilities.

He pointed out that Russia does not deny the completion of its nuclear industry at all, and anyone can see these developments through the Internet or the Russian media without any restrictions.

But he unveiled another weapon, saying: “I think the most powerful weapon of Russia is not just the atomic warhead, but “gold’ as the fastest Russian geopolitical weapon is developing rapidly.”

According to the Byron King, in addition to gold, Russian national currency (ruble) will be Russia’s largest and most dangerous weapon against United States and its economy.

King insisted that Russia could topple the dollar with its national currency.

While the tensions between Russia and the United States have raised during recent years, and the display of military powers has been a political maneuver of both countries, now the debate on money and gold is coming to the fore.

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