New definition on Afghan war, “barbarism versus civilization”

29 Aug 2017

Trump while addressing reporters during a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto at the White House, made remarks that defined the war in Afghanistan in new words.

He said:”The war in Afghanistan is a struggle between barbarism and civilization.”

Trump praised Finland for making “important contributions” in anti-IS coalition and its efforts in Afghanistan.

He added Finland provides troops and financial contributions to support the Afghan National Defense and Security.

Trump in the U.S new strategy on Afghanistan have called for additional troops.

Finnish President: We stay committed to Afghanistan

Finnish President also said: “we are a dedicated member of the global coalition against ISIS. We stay committed to supporting Afghanistan.”

Asked if Taliban would accept negotiations, Niinisto said: “To solve it by negotiations, surely you have to have full respect to the one you negotiate, and to also fully believe that what is negotiated is also fulfilled.”

He added:” We have to try. We have to try in all possible ways to solve the situation in Afghanistan. It has been ongoing quite a long time, for decades.”


“barbarism versus civilization”

New definition on Afghan war

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