Mossad’s Hidden Hands in Azerbaijan and North Caucasus

img1920287KABUL: (MEP) An Azerbaijani news website revealed that Eldar Mahmoudov, the former head of Azerbaijan’s ministry of national security has supported Wahhabi movements and formed the extremist group Sukma, as ordered by Mossad.

According to a report of the website Sizinyol, during his tenure, Mahmoudov has supported extremist Wahhabi groups as commanded by Israeli intelligence Mossad and has even organized in this ministry a new group called Sukma (destruction) to foster Wahhabis against Shiites and achieve particular goals.

In 2013 in bloody conflicts between two Wahhabi groups in Sultan Sumqait Cafe this group had a key role, the report said, adding ministry of national security of Azerbaijan and its officials prevented police involvement on the pretext of confidentiality of operations in this incident.

The recent confessions of security department officials indicated that the extremist group Kafirler Diari is one of Sumgait extremist groups backed by Makhmudov and one of his relatives had assumed leadership of this extremist group.

Makhmudov bolstered Sunnis as well as Takfiri groups against Shiites and organized and mobilized Takfiri groups in North Caucasus under the guidance of Mossad agents. After Putin provided certain documents to Ilham Aliyev to show the role of security ministry in equipping Takfiri groups in North Caucasus, Ilham Aliyev was forced to dissolve this ministry.






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