Lessons from Daesh attack to Imam Zaman Mosque in Kabul: Kill Us! We get more united!

Evidences obtained show Daesh and its international supporters are trying to ignite sectarian war in Afghanistan.

Daesh suicide team attack to Imam Zaman Mosque in Kabul yesterday afternoon shows this terrorist groups has no qualms about targeting Afghan civilians. Daesh, like the main branch in Iraq and Syria, has begun targeting particularly Shiites, in mass-casualty suicide attacks in mosques and other locations. The group does not view Shiites as “proper Muslims” and targets them as viciously as it does Western forces. Evidences obtained show Daesh and its international supporters are trying to ignite sectarian war in Afghanistan, create a big chaos and scape the Afghanistan government and nations ‘minds to have the ground prepared for their evil interests. Daesh and those international powers giving hands to them are wrong: Afghan people regardless of being Shiites or Sunnis have kept their brotherhood and they will. Yesterday suicide attack also was no exception: soon after the fire exchanges were finished people headed to the mosque for help. All Afghan people as usual condemned the attack and shouted their hate from Daesh and Talib.

Daesh claimed credit for yesterday’s suicide assault that took place at a crowded Shiite Afghan security personnel battled the suicide attackers for more than two hours before killing them. Hundreds of civilians were trapped in the crossfire during the fighting. Afghan officials are claiming that more than 60 civilians were killed and wounded in the attack.

Kawusi Ismail, the public health ministry public relation in charge, told the Middle East Press that four hours after the suicide attack 20 killed and 40 wounded had been taken to different hospitals in Kabul.

Najib Danesh, the ministry of interior affairs spokesman`s office acting in charge, wrote on his face book tharea at the suicide attack to Imam Zaman mosque in Ghala Najjarha of Kabul 13 persons including 10 civilians were killed and 38 ones including 30 civilians wounded.




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