Hekmatyar and Mohmand; The burned puppeteers to destabilize the North

That Atta`s opponents have turned their stance to supporting also signal that people of Afghanistan are tired of war and domestic conflicts.

Efforts had been making by the Afghanistan government, the Afghanistan high council for peace and Ghaljai inside the government circle, when Hekmatyar was returned to Afghanistan from Shamshato camp in Pakistan, the project succeeded. Now, the same political team are using Hekmatyar who is considered a big charismatic and leader among Pashtun people as a tool! Every often, Hekmatyar is stimulated against Non-pashtun and Dari-spoken race.

In continuity in his enmity with Non-Pashtun leaders and people, he has recently assassinated the personality of Ahmad Shah Masud, Afghanistan National Hero: Backbiting Ahmad Shah Masud, Hekmatyar accused Ahmad Shah Masud of being an agent for ISI. Another example of evil performances of the team bringing Hekmatyar to Afghanistan after many years, is targeting General Ata Mohammad Noor, the provincial governor of Balkh province, with the tool of Asif Mohmand.

In a wrongly made story, Mohmand has claimed he has beaten by Ata Mohammad Noor`s body guards, though Balkh provincial governor spokesman rejected the allegation.

The second step taken by Mohmand was orchestrating a protest in Kabul where the majority of participants aged above 40, which shows youth in Pashtun race don’t support Fascism.

Hekmatyar who has been away from Afghanistan for more than two decades as well as their fellows seem not to accept the positive changes Afghanistan has experienced, their minds are filled with creating conspiracy. To support this saying, one can refer to what Atta Mohammad Noor has said about conspirators linked to Hekmatyar in Mazar-e-Sharif.

“Youths of Afghanistan follow their country`s national interests: prosperity and building of Afghanistan. They reject all those betrayers who destroyed Kabul, opposed the Afghanistan government for many years and carried out lots of suicide attacks.” Face books of youths say

That Atta`s opponents have turned their stance to supporting also signal that people of Afghanistan are tired of war and domestic conflicts.

Those who had set America`s withdraw as a precondition for coming to Afghanistan and sworn:” If America is in Afghanistan and I come, I will not be of the Muhammad holy prophet (PBU) Ummah” are now being guarded and fund by the U.S money. Those waiting for the U.S new strategy on Afghanistan war to be announced, backing Daesh and violated Afghanistan constitution now dare oppose those who have been partner of Afghanistan government and nation for more than 17 years and made contributions to Afghanistan construction.

“Experts say Mohmand is a second Ishchi whom tasked with and paid to enter Mazar-e-Sharif to assassinate Atta Muhammad Noor`s personality. Since this dirty theory got somewhere with General Dustom, they tried to re-implement it and put General Atta into spider`s web and behead the North body of Afghanistan. If so, the ground would be prepared for their evil plans but General Atta Muhammad Noor`s going to Chemtal, the room of conspiracy, disappointed them about destabilizing the North.

by Nadim Parsina



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