Khorasani Detained

The Interior Ministry arrested Abdul Hamid Khorasani, who had been prosecuted before.

Khorasani was arrested by Police at the Airport Road, Kabul this morning (Tuesday, June 25) when he was going to attend the demonstration.

“Khorasani was head of one of the largest and most dangerous criminals group in the country and region, and was arrested today during a demonstration in Kabul city,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Nosrat Rahimi.

Abdul Hamid Khorasani was on the list of organized criminals and previously he had conflicted with Police Forces who could flee from Police, MoIA spokesperson declared.

Rahimi said that Khorasani has handed over several kidnappings, murder, robbery, rape and offending cases.

Also he is charged with, having armed men, drug trafficking, creating fear and intimidation among the Kabul residents, insulting and abusing a large number of officials in audio and video clips, and he had fired Afghanistan flag.

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