Israel’ New Opportunities In The region

10636118_676063769150371_2641419633307732494_n1KABUL: (MEP) According to Zionist Almsadar, news agency in the occupied territories they are talking about the opportunities created for Israel and Saudi proximity. Israel is thinking of new opportunities in the region and after Iran/US relations became better Saudi finds itself affected, so that they are looking for further closeness to Israel. Israeli indirect help to Sunni camps in the Middle East, especially Saudi is not new.

Israeli officials are now talking about common interests with Persian Gulf countries and creation of joint cooperation, especially in confrontation with Iran. Israel feels common interest with the Persian Gulf countries now more than ever, so that Iran has become the common enemy of both sides.

Also Hezbollah, an Iranian ally in the region, has become the common enemy of Israel and Saudi, especially after Saudi banned Al-Manar (satellite) television station, belonging to this group. Positions of both countries against Assad regime are also similar. The clearest example of their proximity was press the conference held by Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry with Elaf Saudi newspaper in Jerusalem.

Gold is now responsible for Israeli foreign relations and in this meeting emphasized on the importance of relations with Arab countries. He also pointed to the shared interests of the Zionist regime with region countries, particularly to the dangers of Iran.

Internal layers of Muslim communities consider Israel to be an enemy, but some countries are ready and believe the enemy of their enemy is their friend, which makes it so every country which is in conflict with Iran can have cooperation with Israel.



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