ISIL Group Hacked Australian Airport Website

KABUL: (Middle East Press) A group claimed to be allied with the ISIL terrorists has hacked an Australian airport website, officials.

State police said that the hackers targeted the web host used by the Hobart International Airport in the southern state of Tasmania on Sunday.

Police issued a statement Monday, saying “A message placed on the site contained a statement supporting ISIS (ISIL),” adding “There were no threats made towards the Hobart Airport or flight operations to and from the airport.”

The statement added that identical messages had appeared on thousands of websites worldwide since late 2014.

Police said the hackers appear to “non-discriminately target organizations which use web hosts such as the one used by Hobart International Airport.”

Australian officials became aware that the website had been ruined on Sunday morning, with the site remaining down on Monday.

According to unnamed officials, “Tasmania Police have been monitoring activity at the airport premises, and there has been no suggestion of targeted activities on-site,”


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