How Pakistan reacts towards the growing relation between Afghanistan and India

General Qamar Javed Bajaw, head of Pakistani army headquarters, Navid Mukhtar, Pakistani intelligence chief of (ISI) and their delegation in the Afghan Presidential Palace met with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Sunday (October 1st).

The meeting was focused on long-term trade, economic, security and peace processes.

President Ghani highlighted the Pakistan delegation’s visit as a new chapter in cooperation between the two countries, and said it is important in the context of good cooperation opportunities, a statement by ARG was released as saying.

In this meeting, Pakistan pledged that the country is ready to cooperate in combating terrorism, which is a threat, and supports the Afghan-led peace-keeping mechanism and the ownership of the Afghans.

According to the statement, President Ghani has said that “there must be a climate of trust between the two countries in order to ensure peace and stability, and both sides have said they should not be captured by past and should be prospective.”

According to political commentators, Pakistani delegation has expressed concern over Afghanistan-India relations.

The relationship between Afghanistan and India has recently increased after when Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive officer of the country with the officials of India, have been on the rise of India-Afghanistan relations.

Abdullah also said that “no country is allowed to have a veto right in any foreign policy in Afghanistan; Abdullah’s remarks were linked to recent comments by the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had said in his recent statement he would not accept India’s military and political role in Afghanistan and wants India to have only an economic role in Afghanistan.

The growing relationship between Afghanistan and India has led Pakistani authorities to create a secure and trustful environment between the Afghan government and Pakistan, as late in the year, Pakistan has been accused of cooperating with terrorist groups by the US, and during a trip that the US Secretary of Defence had to South Asia did not meet with Pakistani officials, but emphasized on the growing role of India in Afghanistan.


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