Bahar Jalali and her vile-fanatical words

2 Oct 2017

The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) has been working in Kabul for many years and hundreds of students are graduated from this university every year, but what happens at this university? Why the professors of this university always come to the headlines?

Years ago, Nemat Sadat, a professor at the American University of Afghanistan, unveiled his homosexuality, and this time, Bahar Jalali, daughter of Ali Ahmad Jalali, Afghanistan’s former interior minister, wrote on her Twitter page that “People who sold Afghanistan to British during Second Anglo-Afghan War should go back to Mangolia where they came from.”

At the end of this article, someone has commented…who are those people? And the ‘western learner’ (Mrs Jalali) has replied…”Hazaras who were spies for British during Second-Anglo Afghan War.”

It’s really disastrous that a Western-trained student is seeking for ethnic disobedience in Afghanistan, and some if study on Mars, would always go behind hypnosis.

Bahar Jalali is one of those people whose ethnicity defiance has been public in these days in social media and everyone is writing about it.

This comes as at the Ashura ceremony, all people of Shia’s and Sunni’s went to the holy places and showed their convergence to the enemies of the Afghan people, but on this side, one of the Western-educated, promotes ethnic prejudices.

Fanaticism and ethnicity can totally destroy Afghanistan, and this mischief wound every day grows from one side, like one day, Sawab ul deen Makhmash publishes a fanatic plot, and the next day the smell of prejudice emerges from the University of Kabul, and the other day, a Western educator posts vile comments; although it is said that these are more related to Ali Ahmad Jalali’s book.

Ali Ahmad Jalali has written a book titled “Afghanistan’s Military History from Great Game to World War on Terror,” written that Bahar Jalali, is the result of several excerpts of this book.

However, Bahar Jalali in her latest Tweet has apologized to the Afghan people, saying that she has neither a government official nor is she a professor at the American University of Afghanistan, but she has suffered a lot of pain that soon will share.

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