From Kurdistan to Baluchistan and from Afghanistan to Kashmir

A referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan has begun, and according to statistics, those who want Kurdistan as an independent country, and if that happens, we will see a change in the map of the world, and there will be another independent state on Earth.

This is the beginning of the work, not the end, the Kurds are more in the Middle East and Iran, and these Kurds will not calm down and, little by little, the situation in the Middle East will change, and the Middle East may take on a new face.

The scope of this liberation goes to East Asia. Baluchistan’s geography, divided between the three countries of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, is one of the geographies of these countries that is not the rule and rulers of all classes have been discriminating against this ethnic minority.

The Pakistani border patrols and Afghan border provinces will be part of the referendum, and this referendum may even change the Asian map and eliminate one or more countries and create additional countries.

Kashmir is a geography that India and Pakistan have been engaging in this war for years, and it is unlikely that the inhabitants of this geography will call for referendums in the near future, or if the scope of the referendum reaches East Asia, it is undoubtedly that Kashmir would act as an independent country.

Baluchistan and Kurdistan are oil-rich regions, and with this trick, powerful countries want to implement their strategy in Asia and use the oil of these countries; of course, oil is not a big debate for them, and they may turn the Pakistani Frontier Province and Afghanistan’s border provinces to the main center of terrorism and extremism.

The shrinking of large countries reduces their power and authority in the international community, and this is normal. The former Soviet Union with the Asian countries under its domination was the great power of the world, but after losing Asian countries, it was disturbed, and this economic and political turmoil remained until the very same years.

In the wars of the world, European countries have broken down and this division is aware of the extent to which they are at a loss because the powerful countries are of the great countries of the world, and small countries are only known as the Black Division in the international community.

In Asia, the largest countries are Russia, China, Iran, India, and others, these countries have a special authority in the international community, to countries that are small and not heard.

We have rational that says: “small fish are eaten by large fish, and this is true of the small countries on the planet, which are no doubt the food of big countries.”

The shrinkage of countries in Asia is not in the interest of any Asian country, but to the detriment of all countries. If we go back and take history, the great empires in Asia were from the Achaemenid Empire, the Chinese, the Kushanians, the Sassanians, etc., that existed in the ancient jungle with the highest geography in the world, to the empire of the Mogulians, the Timurid, the Seljuk, and … The Middle Ages and other great empires have a great deal of place in the history of the world.

In the contemporary relics of the Ottoman Empire, the Mogululys of India, the Safavids, and … in the contemporary era, slowly, slowly, these empires turned into smaller and smaller countries. And beyond this, the realm of Islam came to Europe, and it had one of the largest empires in the history of this period in the history of golden Islam. But this was not all right; slowly, slowly disappeared.

Interestingly, the United States has no borders in a remote geography, and Europe still has no borders similar to Asian countries, and on the contrary, Asian countries have created terrible borders with barbed wire, potholes, etc., which weakens the boundaries of Asia, [that Asia] that once was the largest empires.

The last word is that the world will undergo a transformation with these referendums, and this transformation will take on more countries in Asia, and with this new order in the Middle East and Asia, it is a strategy that has been planning for many years to implement it.

If the countries that are at risk of decomposition, do not take any action, the order would implemented, as in the Middle East, from the start of the invasion of Iraq to the Arab Spring and the killing of powerful Asian leaders – were all the plans that Western countries have implemented over the Arab and Middle East countries.

Western countries, which appear to oppose the referendum in Kurdistan, are under the skin of this referendum and are spending the task of building a country called Kurdistan to undermine Iraq and its neighboring countries.

Sincerely, terrorism and extremism in the Muslim world have the effect of undermining governments, and this cannot be irrelevant to the new Middle East and Asiatic order, and if this would not stop, it will not be too late that we will see massive changes in the world and start the scope of these developments from Asia to Europe and America.


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