Four Journalists Injured In Takhar Traffic Accident

MEP: A traffic accident in the northeast of Takhar province left at least four journalists injured.

Khalil Aseer, a spokesman for Takhar police told the Middle East Press, the incident took place this morning (January 7, 2017) in Qalburz area of Taloqan city.

Nusratullah Abrahimi, Muhammad Naeem Rahimi, Shafiq Poyaa and Irfan Barzgar are the reporters who sustained injuries in the car crash, he said.

The accident occurred when reporters wanted to go to Kunduz city in order to make some reports that their vehicle collided with a speeded vehicle that was heading towards the city of Taloqan, Mr Aseer added.

One of the journalists health condition is relatively worse and all of them have been transferred to Kunduz hospital for better treatment.

Poor weather condition has been pronounced the cause behind the accident.

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