ISIS Executes Whole Family In Mosul

MEP: All members of an Iraqi family, who tried to escape from Mosul, were executed by the Daesh (Islamic State, ISIS) terror group, iuvmpress reported.

ISIS terrorist group have executed all 5 member of an Iraqi family while they were escaping from Mosul.

The report comes as group prevents civilians to escape from Mosul and kill them.

The insurgents attacked Mosul, provincial capital of Nineveh and Iraq’s second great city which located in 400 kilometers from Iraq’s capital Baghdad, and seized control of the city in 10 June 2014.

ISIS committed numerous crimes since occupation of Mosul which is rare through history.

Nineveh liberation operations have been started by the order of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi since October 18. Since then, Iraqi forces including the army, federal police, popular mobilization and the peshmerga have liberated about hundreds square km and dozens neighborhoods in Nineveh province from ISIS terrorist group.

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