Disclosure of a Former Intelligence – Military Turkish Official on the Transit of Terrorists from Istanbul to Syria

KABUL: (Middle East Press) General İsmail Hakkı Pekin, the former intelligence – military Turkish official said in an interview with Fars News Agency: Turkish military never has been agreed on intervention in the internal affairs of its neighbors and Turkey’s military commanders opposed to government’ view of direct entry to Syria many times otherwise Turkish military would enter Syria directly.

The army has repeatedly said to the government officials and the president and the supreme national Security Council and the parliament that is against this trend but nobody listens to these words, although these days some were noticed their mistakes such as the president.

General İsmail Hakkı Pekin, Deputy Chairman of the Patriotic Party (Turkey) and Former Head of the Intelligence of the General Staff talked about the Turkish government’s role in the Syrian crisis during the past three years and said the government initially thought that he could easily overthrow the Assad government and create the Sunni power in Syria but if they researched well, would found it impossible.

He noted Turkey shares a 910-kilometer (566-mile) border with Syria and added: Takfiri groups are a threat to all countries, because they consider all as infidels so order their killing.

He said that many people have gone to Syria via Turkey and noted that 12 thousand people entered to Iraq and Syria only through Turkey to join Takfiri groups and 2 thousand of them in Syria are Turkish citizens.

He pointed to the transfer of terrorists to Syria and said terrorist organizations recruitment through the Internet in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir that Turkish security services are fully aware of this procedure and there was the same method in Afghanistan.

The Turkish former military intelligence official said fake companies of the import and export have been established to finance Takfiri groups in Turkey and Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states manually give money to terrorist groups through these fake companies. These fake organizations recruitment for Front al-Nosra and Daesh and pay 1000 to $ 1200 to each soldier.

Pekin added that when they received $ 1,200 then easily enter to Syria through the border, “Hatay” and after arriving in Syria and buy weapons from smugglers, they give the rest of the money which is about of 800 to $ 900 to the commander of the terrorist group who has already been introduced and monthly a large amount of money has been transferred to these commanders.

He pointed out that the transmission of terrorists from Turkey to Syria precisely defined and soon he will explain in the form of a book, he also noted that only 7 to 10 percent of the Turkish people are in cooperation with Daesh and other terrorist groups but other people do not have any relations with them.

The former Turkish military officials mentioned to the training of terrorists on the territory of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan and said: monthly 2 thousand in Turkey, 3 thousand people in Saudi Arabia and Jordan train to fight in Syria.

In another part of his speech he pointed out that America seeks to behave Turkey like Pakistan (Create terrorist groups to fight the neighboring country and then engage the host government with terrorists like government of Pakistan and the Taliban terrorists), He added that America seeks to have Incirlik Air Base to fly UAVs and even in case of Turkey split also the strategic base will remain for them.

He reminded that the Turkish government has been forced to follow the plans and goals of the United States because Turkey has borrowed more than $ 400 billion from America to boost its economy.


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