Daesh to Send Troops to Yemen

KABUL: (Middle East Press) After the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria announced its existence and began military operations in Syria and Iraq, regional attracting offices began to register those interested in joining the group in different countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Some young people in European countries such as France and the UK, Asian countries like Turkey and Ukraine, Arabic countries such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia, sub-continent countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, African countries such as Libya and Tunisia and many other countries, such as Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and … Signed in formal and informal Daesh affiliate offices to join them.

Latest news even reported the opening of Daesh agencies in Azerbaijan and Ukraine, Malaysia and Indonesia and other regions.

Once registered, volunteers will be sent to training camp that are available in many parts for the military and intelligence training during two years and will be deployed to Daesh’s missions, wherever they are. Determining the location of operations depends on the needs of the day.

An amount of money is considered for each member of Daesh as their payment, this money will be paid upon completion of their two-year mission but most forces will be killed during these two years and failed to return home and receive their money.

Daesh pays all the costs of sending the two-year training and mission period and volunteers do not pay any fees in these two years.

Daesh will pay the cost of the mission, housing, food and clothing, and munitions that the majority of the costs and facilities are provided of the occupied territories, including the occupied barracks, banks and shops of people, looting factories, farms and houses, fuel smuggling, drug trafficking, trafficking in human organs, buying and selling of women, girls and children, selling antiques and historical things and forcing people to pay ransoms even they uses citizens’ cars for their transportations.

Recently, a considerable number of young people in Afghanistan and Pakistan registered to work in Saudi Arabia as workers that they are supposed to send to the port city of Al-Mokala, provincial capital of Hazar al-Mout province in Yemen through the passenger ferry after military training to join al-Qaeda forces in Yemen.

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