BBC & Saudi Arabia Media Cooperation

Saudi Arabia and BBC cooperationMEP: Saudi Minister of Culture and Information, Adel Al Toraifi, accepts to have official visit with a delegation of BBC managers and network administrators chaired by Ms. Rozita Lotfi in Riyadh on Saturday.

Both sides in joint meeting checked ways of media cooperation and the latest regional news.

Dr. Al Toraifi said in this meeting that BBC network earns special importance in the region, especially in Iran and among ethnic groups, Arabs, Kurds, Baloch’s and Turkmen enjoys special popularity.

He added that Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information has planned a project until its satellite station be able to broadcast in three languages, English, Persian and Urdu and also this ministry has provided plans to develop Saudi news network that can be broadcast in 20 languages by the end of 2017.

Therefore, welcomes BBC cooperation in its media and is interested in also media programs of this ministry broadcast via BBC network in Iran and Afghanistan and other countries in the region.

BBC director, Ms. Rozita Lotfi, also expressed her pleasure from joint cooperation of both sides and emphasized that there are a lot of joint cooperation fields between both sides including in the political and social arena.

Also Behrouz Afagh of BBC senior executives told Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information makes great efforts to support the work of the media in newspapers and magazines and the networks and in this field spends a lot of costs and concerning joint objective between both sides, BBC network can allocate part of its tribune in its medias to support the views of Saudi Arabia, especially religious affairs.


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