Arbaeen Hosseini Passed Without Any Accident In Iraq

MEP: On Monday, the day of Arbaeen Hosseini has ended without any incident and casualties.

In this regard, General Secretary of Syed al- Shuhada Iraqi Brigades said in his remarks in an interview with Iraqi news agencies: “ISIS wanted to disturb the pilgrimage of Arbaeen Hosseini by 58 suicide car.”

The ISIL terrorists intended to explode bomb in Baghdad and Arbaeen Pilgrims rally. However, Iraqi massive security forces and Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi, People’s Mobilization Forces, thwarted the ISIS group to achieve their goals.

Diyala province was known as a target for ISIS and other terrorist group explosions, but during Arbaeen Hosseini it was so secure and quiet.

In this regard, dozens of inspection point across the routes leading to Diyala province made a secure place for Arbaeen pilgrims.

The sensational ceremony of Arbaeen Hosseini ended without any safety problems in 21 November. And pilgrims went to Iraq’s terminals and airports to return their country.


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