America’s strategy towards Iran, a new challenge for the white house

The White House has announced in a report that it will soon reveal its new strategy to Iran, in which America will include the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in the list of terrorist groups.

On Monday (October 9), Tehran’s Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has warned that if Washington put the Revolutionary Guard on the list of terrorist organizations, Tehran will also act.

However, a few days ago, Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Revolutionary Guards, said at a meeting of the IRGC’s Strategic Council: “If the scattered news about the US government to consider the IRGC as a terrorist group is true, The IRGC will also consider the United States military as the Islamic State in the world especially in the middle east.

After the seventy-two summit of the UN General Assembly in New York, day by day tensions have risen among nations, especially between Iran, North Korea and the United States.

The United Nations and other countries do not see these tensions for the benefit of any country and they want them to end these tensions.


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