Abdullah Allows Votes Recount in Seven Provinces

14 Dec 2019

Presidential candidate Abdullah says he has allowed the votes recount in seven provinces following a request from the Election Complaints Commission.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah at Friday night, speaking at a news conference said that the recount will not include the non-biometric votes and “wrong date and wrong time votes.”

Presidential asked the protestors currently blocking the offices of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to allow the recount of the votes in the seven remaining provinces so that “no excuse is left.”

“we welcomed the last meeting held by IEC but it was finished without any resolution and as well, we agreed to welcome yesterday`s meeting held by IECC,” said Abdullah.

According to Abdullah, currently, all the candidates are on one side and President Ghani’s team is on the other side, “but people know where the problem is.”

“One side ‘faked’ 700,000 votes and now it tries to show it as 300,000. But the other side wants only transparency and demands legal actions defined by the election law,” he said.

Abdullah stated that currently the main conflict is around “fraud” and transparency and that he will never accept any result which he believes will be “infected with fraud.”

“We will never accept any partial, preliminary or final results that are fraudulent,” he said.

He added that the Election Complaints Commission has initially clarified its position as saying, only the biometric votes which were cast on the election day will be considered valid votes.


Votes Recount

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