12-year-old girl murdered in Baghlan after being raped

Security and hospital sources in northern Baghlan province say a 12-year-old girl was brutally murdered by anonymous people after being raped in Nahirin district.

Mohammad Hussein Taheri, Police Chief of Nahrin District, told the Middle East Press that the incident happened on Friday in Gudam Sangi area.

He said so far the identity of the perpetrators has not been identified and the police are in the process of identifying and arresting them.

At the same time, a source from Nahrin Hospital told the Middle East Press that the examinations carried out on the victim indicate that she was raped before being killed.

The girl was killed when she and her six-year-old sister went to the house of one of their relatives and on the way she is being caught by unknown people.

The source at Nahrin Hospital adds that the perpetrators have also tried to kill the 6-year-old sister of the victim; however, she has been rescued after she reaches the hospital.

The report comes as about a month earlier, a woman was killed after being tortured many times in the district.


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