The Malistan Siege is Broken

15 Nov 2018

After arriving military support into Malistan the siege of Taliban is broken , and Taliban is stepping back.

Provincial council member of Ghazni, Amanullah Kamran said to middleeast press yesterday Taliban came as close as 2 kilometer to the district center, And they had Sieged of the district, but when military support arrived to the district and Taliban escaped from the area.

He also said, the military support starts their operations in the district, and the situation is getting  better in Jaghori district as well, Taliban escaping from the district.

According to Mr. Kamran, the Situation is quiet and getting to normal, Displaced people are coming back to their homes but the areas are still under threats.In additional he said, right now Taliban have the control of 10 districts, and 5 districts are under siege of Taliban in Ghazni Province.  About two weeks ago Taliban had Invasion attacks over Jaghori and Malistan districts, and the residents forced to leave their homes from this two districts, the attacks left very heavy financial and dead casualties.





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