Six Tons Of Saffron In Herat Produced And Harvested

10 Nov 2016

MEP: Agriculture officials in Herat province say about 6,000 kilograms of saffron this year in this province harvested.

Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi, head of Herat’s Department of Agriculture Agricultural Affairs told the Middle East News Press, this year the amount of land under saffron cultivation has increased more than 100 percent.

He said last year the amount of land under saffron cultivation was 960 hectares that this year the amount has increased 2564 hectares which can be anticipated that this amount of land, more than 6 tons of saffron crop to be harvested.

To cultivate the land under cultivation this year, about 300 tons of saffron bulbs from the government and donor institutions were purchased worth 80 million afghanis, Ahmadi added.

According to the predictions made, it’s expected to harvest more than 6 tons of saffron that based on the price in the local market, about 800 million afghanis will be achieved income for saffron farmers.

Ahmadi noted that currently saffron is planted in the districts of Ghoryan, Pashtun Zarghun, Injeel and Gazra and it is planned that in the coming years also plant saffron in other districts.

10 thousand households are currently engaged in saffron and 35 companies and associations also working in this field.

During the past three years by the International Center for evaluation of the taste and quality of food in Brussels, Herat Saffron was announced as the world’s highest quality saffron.

Afghan saffron is exported to China, India, UAE and European countries as well as America.



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