Senior officials meeting held in ARG with participation of 70 world’s delegates

The third high-level meeting was launched on Thursday (October 5th) with more than seventy delegates from around the world and donors to Afghanistan at the Presidential Palace (ARG) in Afghanistan.

The meeting was held to review the commitments of the Afghan government and donors, as well as on new programs to help Afghanistan in various sectors.

Afghan First Lady Rula Ghani on Wednesday at the first day of the summit spoke on empowerment of women and their participation in the economy, announcing the progress of women in this area, and making government plans to improve women’s lives.

On Thursday, on the second day of the meeting, Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, while emphasizing that the armed Taliban are involved in armed attacks and the killing of the Afghan people and should be eliminated, called on the group to join peace and asked them to leave their weapons.

The president also emphasized on free elections with global standards and expressed his willingness to work with the international community to hold clear and independent elections for the upcoming year.

In another part of the speech, the president acknowledged that new programs in the fight against corruption in government agencies and organs, security agencies, especially the police are created and will bring the perpetrators to court.


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