KABUL: (Middle East Press) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has met with a senior delegation from Saudi Arabia to talk about work visas or for Afghan people.

The conference were held in the presidential palace included representatives from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

A statement issued by Presidential Palace here in Kabul states that the purpose of the visit Saudi delegation is to evaluate the technical side of issuing work permit for Afghan people.

The statement adds that the delegation will relay the facts of the discussions to King Salman and other high-ranking officials in order to fine solutions for Afghan people and the problems they are facing while working or going to work in Saudi Arabia.

Analysts believe that the Saudi Arabia wants to attract afghan people in way to make them go against Yemen.

Meanwhile, President Ghani has recently announced its support of the Saudi-led invasion Yemen that all government and non-government was angered.


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