President Ghani emphasized on tight security measures during Ashura-e-Husseini

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani emphasized that with the establishment of a joint security commission, serious security measures were taken to commemorate the ceremony of Ashura of Imam Hussein (AS).

The report comes as Ghani, met with Shi’a and Sunni scholars on the eve of Ashura, a statement by his office (ARG) said on Tuesday.

In this meeting, the president highlighted the maintenance of the religious unity of the people of Afghanistan, saying that this is being attacked today by brutal enemies who are not worthy of any value.

He emphasized: “The enemies of Islam should know that they cannot harm our people and prevent our religious activities.”

The president also underlined that there is a serious intention to remember Ashura by the scholars of Ja’fari and Hanafi, and a joint security commission has been set up in this regard and serious measures have been taken to celebrate the Ashura ceremony nationwide.

He praised the role of the scholars of religion in the best of celebrating the ceremony of Ashura, and added that under the supervision of the Ulama of the mourning ceremony, the ceremony will be better celebrated and prevents the enemy from penetrating the ceremony.

According to the president, Ashura is an opportunity for the people to prove their unity and continuity to the world together.

He called on the scholars of Shia’s and Sunni to hold joint meetings with the people in order to convey the message of peace, empathy and affinity to the people.

The president also directed two separate conferences to honor the high standing of Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) and Hazrat Abu Hanifa (Reh).

Meanwhile, Mawlawi Qayamuddin Kishaf, chairman of the country council of scholars of the country, emphasized at the meeting that the enemies of Afghanistan are not worthy of any religion, mosques, sacraments and holy places and mourners, and they are committing to brutal acts everywhere.

In the meantime, Sayyed Mohammad Mohaqeqzada, secretary of the council of scholars of Shi’a, said that Shi’a and Sunni scholars in Afghanistan have both brotherly behaviors and do not differ between them.

This comes as the Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) terrorist group has focused more on the Shi’a mourning ceremony over the past two years and attacked a number of mosques, and Imam Hussein’s mourning ceremony is being held this year with increased security measures.


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