Pakistan To Fulfil Taliban’s Demands To Participate Peace Talks

1990032KABUL: (MEP) Pakistani authorities have assured Taliban in a message that their demands will come true in order to join peace talks with Afghan government.

Islamabad officials urged Taliban insurgents in a message to participate in negotiating to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban insurgents should enter the peace talks without pre-conditions with Kabul government and present their demands to the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG),” the Pakistani officials asked Taliban in the message.

A Pakistani senior government official told Pakistan’s Express News, Islamabad officials have communicated with the Afghan Taliban in the call of QCG for starting the peace process.

According to the source, the Pakistani officials will convince the QCG to release a statement in order to fulfil the Taliban’s demands and ensure them that the QCG will determine agreement between Kabul government and the Taliban.

The timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan will be discussed after the start of the possible negotiations, the source added.

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