Obama Apologizes For Kunduz Airstrikes Over MSF Hospital

afghanistan491509180KABUL: (Middle East Press) US President Barack Obama has apologized to the Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) organization over US airstrike in northern Kundoz province that left several of the organization’s workers dead including 22 patients.

In a phone call, with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Obama expressed his condolences for the innocent loss of life in that incident.

He said that the strike was a mistake and promised that those who are responsible for the attack will be accountable.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest appeared before reporters in Washington, DC, on Wednesday to make the announcement.

Earnest said investigators would have to “learn exactly what happened and provide the full accounting that the president has asked for.”

“This morning from the Oval Office, President Obama spoke by telephone with Doctors Without Borders International President Dr. Joanne Liu, to apologize and express his condolences for the MSF staff and patients who were killed and injured when a US military airstrike mistakenly struck an MSF field hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan over the weekend,” Earnest added.

The airstrike took place in the early hours of Saturday morning killing 22 people, including 12 MSF staff members.

In addition, U.S defense secretary Ashton Carter, earlier this week, expressed his deep condolences and sympathy to the Afghan families who lost their loved ones in the incident.


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