NSC: Taliban Carried Out 44 Attacks Daily

KABUL (MEP) – The National Security Council says the Taliban has carried out an average of 44 attacks a day in various parts of the country since the end of “reduction in violence” week.

A spokesman for the National Security Council, Javed Faisal worte in a post on Twitter that at least 24 civilians were killed and wounded in the attacks per day.

According to him; reduction in violence and continuing it, will contribute to the success of the Doha Agreement and the peace process in Afghanistan, and is one of the key ways to start intra-Afghan direct talks.

The remarks by the National Security Council comes as Taliban has repeatedly denied the group’s role in killing civilians in the country.

The “reduction in violence” a week after the signing of the US-Taliban peace agreement played a key role in decreasing civilian casualties. However, this process did not continue and conflicts are still ongoing in major parts of the country.

The National Security Council recently announced that the last week was the bloodiest one in the country so far.

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