Did America Launch a “Ridiculous” War in Afghanistan for its Own Purposes?

4 Apr 2019

The US President claims that the 19-year war in Afghanistan was “ridiculous” in some cases.

Donald Trump met Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg last night, before the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting and discussed about the Afghanistan War, according to Middle East Press.

“The 19-year-old war in Afghanistan was “unfortunate”, and in some cases “ridiculous”, but now many things are going on in a positive way in Afghanistan” Trump said.

Referring to the Peace Process, he said that western countries have made great progress in Afghanistan recently, but he did not mention these developments.

These remarks come while NATO foreign ministers` meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow on Afghan issues.

The president of the United States has describes the Afghanistan War “ridiculous” while the country was already sponsor and supporter of it, and it has been repeatedly said that the war in Afghanistan is imposed and the world countries are using Afghanistan as their power-seeking “backyard”.

He also referred to Peace progress in Afghanistan, without mentioning any development; these development may be, the increase of insecurity, and talk with Taliban without consulting and respecting Afghan government.

It should not be forgotten that a large number of security forces, women, men, and Afghan-youths were killed, injured or disabled during this 19-year “ridiculous” wars.

These remarks by the President of the United States, whose country is the main donor to Afghanistan in case of counterterrorism and has undertaken huge expenses and caused the influence of wide corruption in governmental administrations, is inattention and insult to the people who have been victims of these years.

Meanwhile, Zalmay Khalilzad, the United States Special Envoy for Afghan Peace, has been in the country for two days, visiting and talking to government leaders, political parties, civil society organizations and tribal elders for peace.



Ridiculous War

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