Daesh ignites the sectarian war and the government keeps silence!  

26 Aug 2017

Civilians have been victims of the brutal game the world super powers are playing against each other in Afghanistan battle field.
Undefined war round the clock kills security forces and civilians but the government breaks demagogically it`s killing silence by issuing statements and condemning the events.

Behind attacking mosques, Takya Khanas, mourning places, and Shi`ite residential areas are superpowers trying to ignite sectarian war where different sects and races fight against each other.

The National Unity Government (NUG) by issuing statements, in deed, exonerates itself from failing in doing its duties and deceives people while being ignorant of values of human lives. Fight for guaranteeing more chairs for a particular race has undermined security: As a well-known fact securities and economies are linked to each other; fragile security damages creating jobs opportunities and if so, youths have to either flee from the country or fall in addiction. The government where population, geography, sovereignty and governing are not valued, legitimacy makes no sense.

 Shi`ties and Sunni Ulamas` Council is questionable! 

Shi `ties and Sunni Ulamas` Council silence regarding the incident is also questionable: This council have always issued Fatwas on small affairs but kept silence regarding particular and big events like Shahin Corps, Bagher-ul-Olum mosque, Jawadia mosque in Herat, Masjed-o-Zahra, Mira Olang, Imam Zaman Takya Khana and tens of other events. Ulama council did not even invite people to brotherhoods and equality. Ulama surely will be questioned on the judgment day.

Human right organizations are stained with being in hands of politicians, they stamp events with “anti-human rights” when they are ordered by the government. That Human right organizations did not raise your voice on the casualties of the recent attacks including mosques `prayers, civilians martyred in Mirza Olang and other Muslims being killed on a daily basis and waited for government command is by itself a human right violation.

Let’s conclude with who are going to respond people`s need of security!? The government having lost its legitimacy? The silent Ulamas `s council? The top security officials having been accused of recklessness? Human rights and civil society`s organizations? Who will pay attention to the people`s blood and keep our mosques, streets, provinces and the whole country safe for us?


Daesh ignites the sectarian war and the government keeps silence!

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