Conflict between armed Taliban and Daesh in Jawzjan province

Local officials in Jawzjan province said that conflicts between Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) and armed Taliban in Qush tapa district of the province left 26 dead and injured on both sides.

Mohammad Reza Ghafouri, a spokesman for the Jawzjan governor, told Middle East Press that the conflicts between the two groups occurred in the area of Khataysay and charsay district of Qush tapa, killing 5 and wounding 8 from the Taliban and killing 6 and wounding 7 from the Daesh terrorist group.

Ghafouri added that the conflict happened last night but the Taliban are preparing forces because of the conflict.

Before the conflict between the two groups in Qush tapa district, there were casualties on both sides.

So far, Daesh and Taliban have not said anything about it.


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