America and it`s allies stay in Afghanistan for decades/ Our headache continues!

29 Aug 2017

Just after the announcement of the U.S new strategy on Afghanistan and the Southeast Asia region, Taliban as a reaction warned they turn Afghanistan to a graveyard for American forces.

Back-to-back suicide attacks hit Kabul and the other provinces every day show that Taliban have already begun their work.

This comes as former commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan had said: “America is engaged in a generational struggle, which needs sustainable commitments/”

General David Petraeus has recently said America and it`s allies are likely to stay in the country for decades after an increase in troop numbers.

“The analogy with Afghanistan isn’t perfect, given that is a true shooting war, but when we have had significant national interests at stake, we have sustained efforts, and I think that is why a sustained commitment is important here but also why that has to be sustainable,” he added

He wouldn’t hazard a prediction on how long NATO forces would be in Afghanistan, but indicated that the 16-year war, America’s longest, was set to last.

“This is not the fight of a decade, much less a few years,” he said. “We are engaged in a generational struggle. That is why we need sustained commitments that are sustainable. I believe that this is a sustainable sustained commitment,” he said.

However, he was supportive of the policy, which is expected to mean that an additional 3,900 American forces would be deployed.

This would take the total number of American troops in Afghanistan to 12,300.

Petraeus meanwhile welcomed the absence of an “artificial deadline” for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

He directed veiled criticism towards the former Obama administration for constraining commanders by setting exit timelines.

“I applaud the commitment to conditions-based decision-making,” he said.

Taking all those American`s saying about Afghanistan into account, we should believe that Afghanistan`s miseries are likely to continue for decades.

Based on what experts have said, new American surge in Afghanistan has fanned Afghanistan war and this trend is going to continue.


America stays in Afghanistan for decades/ Our headache continues!

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