KABUL: (Middle East Press) Key officers of Kabul police has replaced by Abdul Rahman Rahimi, police chief of Kabul, for the betterment of security.

About 27 key officers including district police and other high ranking police officers were replaced.

Abdul Rahman Rahimi while talking to a press conference in Kabul said that the decision was made to bring positive changes to the security of Kabul.

Among the police officers replaced one was Jamila, commander of the 1st Police District in Kabul who is now assigned as the Gender Officer of the police headquarters of Kabul.

Rahimi said that Jamila now has more responsibility and authority as the Gender Officer than she had as the District Police Chief.

He added that replacements were already introduced to the key police posts.

He said that all new police officers have started working on their new posts today.

Rahimi asked the newly assigned police officers to have a good behavior with people and be with them in their sorrow and happiness.

He also urged the newly assigned police officers of Kabul to have meetings with local elders regarding the security.

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