Afghan police stop truck bomber in ‘Kabul’

Afghan police say they have foiled a major bombing in the capital after arresting a suspect whose truck was loaded with explosives.

The truck was carrying nearly three tonnes of explosives and two bombs which had been hidden under boxes of tomatoes, a senior official said.

Mohamed Salem Almas, the head of criminal investigations in the Kabul police, told a press conference Sunday that the truck carried more than 2,700 kilograms (3 tons) of explosives. He says police ordered the suspect to stop and then shot and wounded him when he tried to escape.

A Western security source told AFP that each 20-litre drum contained ammonium nitrate, which is also used to make fertiliser. The containers were connected by yellow electric cables, photographs showed.

Almas says the Taliban-linked Haqqani network was behind the attack, which was to be carried out in a crowded part of the city.


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