Afghan Currency On Top Of Foreign Currencies

3 Aug 2016

Afghan currency rises against foreign currenciesMEP: Less than a week after Kandahar police headquarters announced the prosecution of the people who use their transactions in the Pakistani rupee, the value of the Afghan currency against other foreign currencies are rising.

Gen. Abdul Razzaq said last week that anyone in Kandahar, deal their transactions with Pakistani rupees, will be prosecuted seriously.

Now, less than a week, the value of the Afghan currency against foreign currencies unprecedented is rising in the country’s markets.

The value of one US dollar against the Afghan currency is equal to 65 Afghanis and one thousand of Pakistani rupee exchanges as 590 Afghanis.

This comes as last week one US dollar was equal to 68, 40 Afghanis and one thousand Pakistani rupee was exchanged as 680 Afghanis.

Majid Ahmad Zadah, a member of the Sarai Shahzada money changers Union in Kabul, said “After the exchange of goods and commodities in the province of Kandahar to the Pakistani rupee, we are seeing an increase in the value of Afghan currency in the Kabul market.”

According to him, all the money changers are glad from the process and expect to be avoided of Pakistani rupee exchange in all provinces of the country, particularly in the southern provinces.

The rise in the value of the Afghan currency against foreign currencies has also sought the public’s reaction.

Lina Ghayour, a resident came to the Sarai Shahzada Kabul, told the Middle East Press “It is good that the Afghan currency gains its value.”

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