10 civilians kidnapped in Ghazni-Kabul high way

19 Aug 2017

“10 civilians were kidnapped by unknown gunmen at Ghazni-Kabul high way in Ghara Bagh city” Ghazni local officials said

According to The Middle East Press the incident took place at Mikhta district in Ghara Bagh city of Ghazni at 8 am this morning when the gun men stopped two fast-driving vehicles and took the passengers with themselves.

“Among the kidnapped, children and women were included” witnessed said

“The incident occurred when the passenger vehicles were driving from Ghara Bagh to Ghazni” Omarkheil Fahim, the Ghazni police spokesman said

As Ghazni province police announced the exact place to which the kidnapped have taken is not identified but investigations have begun to find the kidnapped.

No group or person yet taken the responsibility of the incident.

Afghanistan high ways in general and Kabul-Kandahar high way in particular has turned to killing paths and for several times passengers have been kidnapped by Taliban or other unknown gun men and in some cases the kidnapped have been killed.

10 civilians kidnapped in Ghazni-Kabul high way

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