A large portion of Garziwan city in Faryab fell into Taliban control

“ At midnight last night, A large portion of Garziwan city in Faryab was given away to Taliban without any clashes and security forces retreated from their posts to one kilometer distance to the city center.” A reliable source in Faryab told The Middle East Press

The source added Taliban took control of public uprising posts commanded by Haji Naghibullah Tufan without any clash in the availability of border and public regulation forces security posts.
“2 HMMWVs, a ranger and one AK-47 were seized by Taliban.” The same source said
The sources added villages of “Jar Qala, Tagab Shan and Gawaki composing half of the territory of the city have fallen down. Retreating, 2 security forces lost their lives.
Getting to know the Faryab provincial officials, we got nowhere.
Taliban has yet to comment on the issue.


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