Who Masterminded The Diyarbakir Blast?

tuncay-ozkanKABUL: (Middle East Press) Tuncay Özkan, Turkish journalist, writer and politician and one of the leaders of CHP party, revealed important information about Diyarbakır bomb attack in a secret meeting with a representative of HDP in Ankara.

According to Tuncay Özkan, Hakan Fidan, the head of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) after election monitoring and observing development of social capital of HPD designed a secret plan to create unrest in HDP election campaign. Under the scheme, it was decided that ISIL terrorists attacked and destroyed sensitive and influential centers of HDP Party in some areas.

Ozkan claimed that Saladin Demirtaş was supposed to be arrested after the election for financial crime and an expert team in MIT was framing up something against him but when HDP Party achieved victory it has been removed from the agenda.

Ozkan claims that Diyarbakir blast was a piece of MIT’s puzzle and it was Fidan’s plan that was carried out by ISIL terrorists but due to HDP Party’s good propaganda of it, MIT’s secret plan failed.

It is worth noting that Tuncay Özkan had a wide range of relations with disgruntled MIT senior officers. He also has published a history book based on interviews with those officers. He was arrested on 27 September 2008 by the Ruling party and held in prison until August 2013. MIT has repeatedly threatened him.



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