Wardak asks Insurgent groups to not target education

KABUL: (MEP) – The Minister of Education Farooq Wardak called on the rebel groups to not target the education process in the country.

In an event, Farooq Wardak asked the insurgent groups to fight with the security forces rather than fighting the country’s education process.

He demanded the anti-government fighters not to prevent the children from learning education which is the only key to achieve peace.

Pointing to the fighting groups, Wardak said, “If you want to fight then fight with the US, NATO and Afghan forces. Why you stop the children of this country from getting education.”

Beginning from zero, the education in Afghanistan has progressed by 42 percent over the past twelve years, he added, Ariana news reported.

These statements are expressed as the insurgents have repeatedly attacked the schools, destroying the school buildings by bombs.

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