Villages In Qaysar District Cleared off Insurgents

A117E57F-F95F-42B9-BA0C-13DCB41E65EF_cx0_cy17_cw91_w800_h450KABUL: (Middle East Press) All the villages in Qaysar district of Faryab province have been cleared off insurgents, local officials said.

Abdul Sattar Barez, Deputy and the Head of Faryab province told “Middleeastpress” that operations had been launched in different parts of this province earlier but the villages of Qaysar district were cleared off insurgents last night.

The operations will be continued till the whole province be fully cleared and Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, First Vice President is also presented in these operations to monitor the situation closely, he added.

According to Barez, at least four Taliban insurgents were killed, several injured and eleven others were detained during the operations.

Barez said that some foreign insurgents were also among the victims.

Faryab province has been witnessed of a large-scale operations against the insurgents in almost a month ago.


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