US to Deploy Troops to Saudi Arabia

KABUL (MEP) – US DoD agreed to send its troops to Riyadh after Saudi Arabia`s approval and in order to defense its interests in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia agreed yesterday with the deployment of US troops on its territory.

The Pentagon has said US troops are being deployed to Saudi Arabia to defend American interests from “emergent credible threats”.

“This movement of forces provides an additional deterrent and ensures our ability to defend our forces and interests in the region from emergent, credible threats,” a statement from US Central Command said.

Saudi Arabia confirmed that King Salman had approved the move “to strengthen regional security and stability”

The decision comes at a time when the US-Iran tensions have intensified in the Middle East, and on the other hand, Iran has repeatedly stated that it will target America`s positions in Middle East in case of any possible US-led strike.

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