US To Continue Supporting Afghanistan Post-2014

KABUL: (MEP) – The US civilian representative for North and Northeast of Afghanistan David Candy has repeated longstanding support of the United States to Afghanistan in cultural, educational and protection of women rights post 2014 as per commitments of his country pledged to Afghanistan in the long term period in order to support Afghanistan to tackle problems of the country in comprehensive manner.

“President Obama and the US government are committed to support Afghanistan in the long term period including protection of women rights, US civilian representative David Candy said, adding that the US development projects to Afghanistan will be implemented by different ministries working in development sector in remote regions, BNA reported.

“The US has also started its development in the insecure regions of the country in joint cooperation with the government of Afghanistan and the concerned ministries working in this sphere, David Candy said.”

The US has been the biggest donor nations to Afghanistan since the country initiated its new political chapter in international politics in 2001, the US beside providing financial assistance to Afghanistan also supported Afghanistan military’s sector.

The people of Afghanistan expects that the US as one of the strategic partners of Afghanistan will continue backing the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) Post 2014 so that these forces provide security coverage to the Afghan people after the withdraw of international forces from the country in 2014.

The Afghan people expect that international community will not put Afghanistan into isolation after 2014, because, politically isolated Afghanistan doesn’t support international drive against terrorism and extremism.

Elaborating on the topic, local resident Marwa said, “without doubt Afghanistan needs support of international community after 2014, because still the country confronts several challenges, so the world community and specially the US should honor all their commitments made regarding to Afghanistan.

The assertion of the US civilian representative to Afghanistan came at a time that the Obama administration prepares to pullback troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

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