US, Taliban Signs Peace Deal

29 Feb 2020

KABUL (MEP) – After nearly 19 years, the US failed to defeat the Taliban in an unequal and costly war and was finally forced to sign a peace deal with a group that US invaded Afghanistan to fight it.

Initially, the United States was determined to eliminate the Taliban militarily and remain in Afghanistan, but now, after experiencing the “longest” war, it decides to leave the Taliban in Afghanistan and, withdraw the country.

Washington and its political leaders have repeatedly emphasized the destruction of the Taliban in Afghanistan and have made huge sacrifices to accomplish their goals, leaving many victims.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians died as a result of war, explosions, suicide attacks, roadside bombs and air strikes, along with thousands more injured, and disabled. .

At the same time, the expense of raising money and pouring it into the pockets of government officials, foreign institutions, inexperienced projects and corruption was another outcome of this presence in Afghanistan.

Also on the way, the dead of a number of US and foreign forces in the NATO and ISAF frameworks were an achievement that the longest war left in Afghanistan.

But after nearly 19, the US and its leaders have decided to negotiate and sign a peace deal with the group, with whom the US came to destroy it.

The agreement will be signed today Saturday, February 29, by senior US officials and Taliban representatives in the presence of some representatives of regional and global nations in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The Taliban’s political bureau in Qatar says foreign ministers and special envoys from about thirty countries and internationally accredited organizations will attend the signing ceremony.

While the Afghan government is far from the talks and the deal happens perhaps opposed to its leaders, because every peace must be made to the Afghan people, but only because the Taliban did not recognized Afghan government, the deal is being signed between US and Taliban in Qatar.

It is still unclear whether a representative of the Afghan government will be present in Qatar when the US-Taliban peace deal is signed or not.

So now let’s see what will be the outcome of a peace that has been made for a short period of time.

Peace Deal



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